Saturday, August 13, 2011

Outdoor Placement

Adenium originate from the dry desert areas, direct sunlight and very little rainfall. If we have the ideal place for Adenium is on the outside of the house (outdoor), for example in the front yard open  and exposed to direct sun. On the open page Adenium can grow normally with flowers that open perfectly exquisite. When placed in the shade and less sun, the flowers will be difficult to grow. In the rainy season conditions, let the plants exposed to direct rain but to avoid fungal attack, give anti-fungal drugs on a regular basis.

Sansevieria is also derived from the desert regions and tropical places, in the open air with a beam of direct sunlight. This plant has a strong resistance against various extreme weather. The suitable place outside the house (outdoor) with direct sunlight. Most people are put in around the front fence, or on the edge of the porch that gets sunlight. When placed in a less direct sunlight (shade), the growth of Sansevieria be less than perfect, such as leaf color is be pale.

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wow...this flowers is so beatiful...nice post...thanks...salam kenal..

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