Monday, August 15, 2011

Maintenance for Aglaonema

In order Aglaonema plants in our homes are always beautiful, it needs good care and routine. Some things to note are:

1. Planting medium
Aglaonema liked the planting medium moist and have good aeration or porous. Planting medium that is often used are: fern root, husk charcoal grilled, coconut coir. For a combination of these materials, depending on creativity and our experience. Usually a combination that is often used in the nursery is the husk fuel, the roots of ferns and cocopeat ratio 1:1:1. This formula was chosen because it can withstand moisture and porous (good aeration).

2. Pot
All types of pots can be used as a place Aglaounema. The amount adjusted to the size of the pot size plants. Pots that are too large to reproduce the branching of plant roots, thereby reducing leaf growth Aglaonema beautiful.

3. Watering plants
For water needs, Aglaonema require watering at least 3 days. Watering is done on the entire plant, from roots, stems and leaves. But do not get muddy or flooded in the medium. Every day morning and afternoon conducted condensation using a special spray equipment for the plant. Just spray water on the leaves with a fine suit.

4. Provision of fertilizer
Aglaonema require fertilizers as a source of nutrients for growth. For fertilization Aglaonema should use this type of slow release fertilizer with a low dose. Slow release fertilizer will dissolve gradually over watering, so the fertilizer will be more efficient without a lot of wasted nutrients. There are many types of slow release fertilizer in the market such as Decastar and Osmocote. Fertilization can be done 3-4 months in accordance with the recommended dose.

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