Monday, August 22, 2011

Flashback Ornamental Plant Business in Indonesia

Beautiful Plants
I want to share and make a flashback about the business of ornamental plants in Indonesia. Learning from experience is a good teacher too. Ornamental plants in Indonesia had experienced 'boom' in 2007, an Anthurium leaf types Jenmanii size 20 cm high, sold for US.$200 to 300. Anthurium stem as high as 1 mtr, worth several thousand dollars, a very high price for an ornamental plant. Many traders get a big profit, business, especially ornamental plants Anthurium really tempting, a lot of people who suddenly become merchant plants, with little land in the house full of plants ready for sale and take advantage in the market of ornamental plants.

Beautiful Plants
Too bad ... conditions such as high trend did not last long because 1-2 years later the price of ornamental plants fell to very low, ornamental plants that were previously $ 200 can be purchased only with cash 10 dollars. The seeds of the plant for 5 dollars fell to a half dollars. Many merchants are already investing to buy many plants can not sell and make a profit, then eventually went bankrupt and out of the business of ornamental plants.

Beautiful Plants
Since then the merchants and consumers, or the fans like a nightmare from previous experience, they do not dare to invest even though prices have gone down very low. Ornamental plant business is still there but only on a small scale, transactions that occur are not great and not global, and even then for the type of plants that are less classy. Beautiful crop types such as lost circulation exclusively. When I saw the plants are in very sluggish trend (low), an alarming situation. I am sad to see that condition. Hopefully such a situation will not recur in the future.

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