Friday, August 12, 2011

Indoor Placement

Aglaonema originated from tropical forests, growing among the large trees are lush, with the condition a little water and little sun. The ideal placement for aglaonema is in the shade or indoors. For placement in the house, which must be considered is the existence of enough air in and out. Usually this space is in the inside of the house has an open roof for air circulation. When the room is closed and no air circulation the growth of plants become unhealthy and susceptible to fungal attack. To refresh your plants, move the plant to the outdoors in the morning between the hours of 7 to 9 o'clock, to be exposed to direct sunlight for 30 minutes to 1 hour, do it 2 times a week. Also given antifungal medication on a regular basis. 

Another alternative that many people enjoy is the placement in a sheltered part of the roof terrace. Air circulation in this section is usually good and a little sun, so that the leaf color can come out very beautifully. But do not avoid exposure to rain. 

Anthurium also have the same origin area with Aglaonema is derived from a shady forest, then a suitable placement is in the house (indoor) and a little sun exposure. The trick to placing Anthurium are the same as Aglaonema ie inside the house that gets good air circulation, drying in the morning two times a week. Another option is placement in a sheltered roof terrace and not exposed to rain.

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