Friday, July 22, 2011

Sansevieria, The Mother in Law Tongue

Sansevieria classified in the Agavaceae family which has more than 140 species. Most come from Africa, some from India and Asia. Plants have many benefits started to go into Indonesia in 1980 and people are more familiar as 'mother in laws tongue' (name in Indonesia is ‘lidah mertua’). Another name for Sansevieria is Snake Plant, because a lot of leaf shape that resembles a snake.

Sansevieria previously named sanseverinia. A Swedish botanist Carl Peter Thunberg in 1794 perfecting its name to the Sansevieria which has been approved by the congress of the international ornamental plants. Characteristics of the plant are long and pointed leaves, leaf tip as sharp as a sword or the tongue, leaves of green and yellow dominated. Leaves almost the same shape, but when viewed in detail, many different leaf shapes such as: flat, spoon, mace, sword, knife, round as a pencil, a machete, or a baseball bat.

Sansevieria is generally used as an ornamental fence at home because of the dominant color of green leaves and yellow are perfect for garden decor and robust against extreme conditions of hot sun and dry soil. Currently, many kinds of Sansevieria beautiful and has a unique shape, to be chosen as a decoration in the home, even become an exclusive collection of plants. The types will be written in the next post.

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