Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anthurium, The King of Leaves

Anthurium leaf has its own charm. The leaves vary from the shape, size and texture. Some are shaped like a heart, triangle, oval, round, etc. Some types of leaves have a wavy edge. Green leaf color, but color varies from pale green, green, light green, yellowish green, blackish green, etc. Another interesting thing, on the leaf of Anthurium, have a surface hard and stiff and wrinkled. The texture of the leaves become the main feature that very nice. Anthurium leaves in Indonesia was given the title as 'The King of Leaves'.

Anthurium is classified in the family Araceae, the same family as Aglaonema. The name of Anthurium is derived from the Greek 'anthos' (flowers) and 'Oura' (tail). The term is due because the flowers resemble the tail-covered heart-shaped sheath. Anthurium estimated to come from Latin America, Asia and Africa. Some species found in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador. Will flourish in the original condition like the tropical forests, under the shady trees and are not exposed to direct sun, with not much water conditions. Anthurium is divided into two groups: leaves and flowers, each having different types. In this blog will be a lot written Anthurium leaf which has more than 100 species. The emergence of new hybrid species adds the list of Anthurium the King of leaf.

The beauty of the Anthurium leaf is the beauty of the leaves, although a simple posture. Anthurium enthusiasts will love the beauty of these leaves and generally they will put on the front porch or elsewhere in the house, so it can freely enjoy the beauty of the exotic textures of leaves. Natural green color which give a fresh view so beautiful, and give peace to the occupants of the house, well as a beautiful decoration.

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there is a more value for anthurium flower than leaves. here are more informations

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