Friday, July 15, 2011

Aglaonema, the Queen of Leaves, the Carrier of Luck

Aglaonema estimated to come from Southeast Asia or South Asia, such as South China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar, growing in lowland forests and medium enterprises (at the foot of the mountain) with low light intensity by 10%-30% of sunlight. Aglaonema name is the scientific name comes from ancient Greek, namely 'aglaos and NEMA'. Aglaos means bright or light and Nema is yarn (stamens), so Aglaonema can be interpreted as 'yarn shine'. Another name is the Chinese Evergreen (Wan Neinching) because the first person to cultivate the Chinese people. Another popular name in Thai is 'Siamese Rainbow' which means rainbow of Thailand, because farmers there the most developed and do crossbreeding some types of Aglaonema so  can produce plants with color and pattern are highly variable, from white to green and red, yellow, orange, etc..

In Indonesia Aglaonema known as 'sri fortune' because it is considered as a carrier Fortune or Luck. Latin name is 'pictum' as a type native to Indonesia, including in the family Araceae or taro which consists of 32 species. Leaves are the main attraction and is generally green and white are called group non-hybrid (the original). Through crossbreeding techniques can produced Aglaonema hybrid group with the hues of leaves that are red, yellow, orange,etc,  to got fame in 1980. Because the beauty of leaves, plant lovers in Indonesia also gave the nickname "the Queen of Leaves".

Because they has very beautiful colors leaves,  I chose Aglaonema as the most beautiful ornamental plants among the others. For placement in home can be put in the shade with good air circulation, such as on the terrace or garden that are not exposed to direct sun, especially during lunch time. The redness will appear more perfect at low sun intensity. It is a beautiful plants.

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