Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aglounema Pride of Sumatra

One type Aglounema called 'Pride of Sumatra' has a very distinctive leaf color, a combination of red, green and yellow, beautiful colors. This type is very popular among fans of Aglaonema and generally they buy for at home, even have a few pots.

These plants originated from Indonesia outcome of this type of crossbreeding between A. rotundum X A. commutatum 'three colors' by experts named Mr. Gregori Hambali across Bogor, West Java and is one of a series of new hybrids. Dark red leaves on the bottom, green on the top side with a slight yellowish pink plant stems, leaves are slightly yellow as well. On the condition has grown a lot of leaves and fertile, the posture will be more beautiful. This type is one of my favorite choices at home to be placed in a shady terrace. purchase price is not too expensive.

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